Meet Strifest!

Meet Strifest! Get ready for a high-mobility, team-based arena shooter, packed with building elements and unique abilities!

Within the game's world, team battles are the core foundation of the gameplay. However, regardless of the team focus, the game also allows players who enjoy the singleplayer experience to progress by themselves. During the team battles, teams consisting of several players clash against one another in an arena, and the objectives of each battle depend on the preferred game mode chosen before the event.

Sixteen players who join team battles are divided into four teams of 4 players. Each team has a dedicated base and a revival point on one of the fying islands, relevant to the game’s fantasy mood. In the case of the character’s death during the battle, the character is not excluded from the fight. Instead, it is revived on their team’s island. Therefore, in the main mode of the team battles, the main objective is to eliminate the opponents and, most importantly, deprive them of their chance for revival. The battles occur between 4 islands and introduce unique mechanics allowing the players to move between the islands. During the battle, the players will be able to build bridges to access enemies’ islands or build walls around their islands to defend themselves. While playing the game and participating in battles, the player acquires raw materials that they can use to craft better equipment. The character’s equipment is the foundation of the character’s development, making raw materials essential for the players. Due to that, the players will be able to trade raw materials with one another or gain access to unique, valuable materials in designated zones.


  • Play multiplayer arenas up to 16 players
  • Build a team and fight other groups
  • Play with unique skills
  • Customize your weapons with a lot of possibilities
  • Come up with a strategy to win the arenas
  • Leveling System
  • Ranking
  • Building
  • PvP

Game build on Unreal Engine 5.



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  • FYE Studios
  • Unreal Engine
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX